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COVID-19 Guidance

For our Sunday worship at both 8.00am & 11.30am we will be maintaining social distancing in the seating arrangements and in movement within the church. Communion will be distributed.

We have re-introduced congregational singing at 11.30am and face coverings are discretionary (unless numbers exceed 35 when they will be mandatory) at both 8.00am & 11.30am.

During the week the church will now be open, with sanitizer to be used on entering and leaving church.

For christenings, weddings and funerals face coverings will be required unless social distancing can be maintained (there would have to be less than 35 people present)

Daily prayers through Rev’d John’s ministry are offered for the health and well being of our community - both local and international. If you want to catch Rev’d John’s weekly encouragement and teachings (these are updated every few days)  go to his YouTube channel - Rev’d John Rev’d John -  or the video section of this site. 

If you would like support and assistance at this time contact either John directly, the Parish Office or this website.

Rev’d John Reeve and other Lyndhurst Deanery clergy have put together a booklet of prayers and worship for this COVID-19 period of uncertainty. The booklet contains a service of worship to be used at home, Sunday readings and prayers, a compline (night) service, various prayers and links to some really helpful on-line support.

if you would like a copy please send an e-mail using the e-mail address of  and we will send it to you.

Clergy Details


Revd John Reeve

The Vicarage, Ringwood Road, Netley Marsh, Nr. Southampton

023 80663267

(Friday is a non working day)

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For wedding enquiries call

023 80663267

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For baptism enquiries call

023 80663267

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For funeral enquiries call

023 80663267

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For Church Hall enquiries call

023 80663267 (Revd Reeve)